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It is with sadness and regret that we report that Life Success held its last official seminar with IPI on April 5-9. Effective April 30, 2017, all operations & seminars under Life Success Seminars, Inc. are permanently closed. For the next several months, an agent of Life Success Seminars can still be reached at, to answer questions & close any unfinished business. As we have communicated several times, the economics are such that we are unable to keep the doors open. However, as has been said numerous times “in the room,” it does no good to focus on what you cannot control, only on what you can. So please allow us a moment to reminisce…

What a ride it has been…from humble beginnings in 1985, LSS has held approximately 500 Basic seminars, 200 IPIs, and produced over 16,000 graduates from 48 states and 10 countries. We have changed lives, changed marriages, changed families and changed our community. And oh what fun we have had…from “Some-A-Days” and Hot Dog Opportunities with Jim Quinn, Mike Monahan asking “what if you did know?” and Steve telling us “understanding is the booby prize.” Then there were the friendships, ones that continue to this day, and the old friends who have lost touch but came back for a renewal after 2 decades and felt like they never left. The organization was always open and everyone was always welcome. We have also learned over the years, the only thing constant is change, and change we must. LSS is ending, but the legacy will not die. As you can see in this letter, our legacy, like the next generation that carries on from the last, lives on.

We want to thank everyone who has ever supported this organization, and there were many. From the facilitators, employees, volunteers, and champions, and especially the grads; you were the reason for it all. Here’s hoping you continue to look for win-win in all your endeavors, and find that mountaintop of your dreams. This will be LSS’s greatest legacy…

Your Board


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