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A Heartfelt Farewell from the Board

It is with sadness and regret that we report that Life Success will hold its last official seminar with IPI on April 5-9. As we have communicated several times, the economics are such that we are unable to keep the doors open. However, as has been said numerous times “in the room,” it does no good to focus on what you cannot control, only on what you can. So please allow us a moment to reminisce…

What a ride it has been…from humble beginnings in 1985, LSS has held approximately 500 Basic seminars, 200 IPIs, and produced over 16,000 graduates from 48 states and 10 countries. We have changed lives, changed marriages, changed families and changed our community. And oh what fun we have had…from “Some-A-Days” and Hot Dog Opportunities with Jim Quinn, Mike Monahan asking “what if you did know?” and Steve telling us “understanding is the booby prize.” Then there were the friendships, ones that continue to this day, and the old friends who have lost touch but came back for a renewal after 2 decades and felt like they never left. The organization was always open and everyone was always welcome. We have also learned over the years, the only thing constant is change, and change we must. LSS is ending, but the legacy will not die. As you can see in this letter, our legacy, like the next generation that carries on from the last, lives on.

We want to thank everyone who has ever supported this organization, and there were many. From the facilitators, employees, volunteers, and champions, and especially the grads; you were the reason for it all. Here’s hoping you continue to look for win-win in all your endeavors, and find that mountaintop of your dreams. This will be LSS’s greatest legacy…

Please join us at our final IPI Celebration April 9th at 1pm, West Chester Hilton Garden Inn to say a final farewell. We look forward to seeing you.

Your Board

Although there are innumerable people…employees, supporters, donors, volunteers and grads…who deserve sincere thanks because if not for you all Life Success Seminars could never have existed, there are a few for whom we would like to give special recognition.

Jim Quinn: The organization began in 1985 as a dream and became a reality when a group of people who attended the Basic Seminar in Chicago, Illinois, wanted to bring the experience to Cincinnati. Jim Quinn was part of that group and took on the responsibilities of lead facilitator for the Basic seminar. Jim passed away on June 20, 1998, having made a great impact on everyone he touched through this work.

“Some-a-day, some-a-day, some-a-day.
Some-a-day I’m going to live my life to the fullest,
to get the best of life AND I’M FOR THAT, HOW ABOUT YOU?”

Therese Quinn: was a beloved part of LSS for many years. In addition to being a Basic facilitator here in Cincinnati, she also worked with LifeStream in Jacksonville, FL. Therese continued to facilitate with with Life Success until 2010. She resides in Jacksonville where she is still in business with her State Farm Insurance agency.

Mike Monahan was the CEO/Executive Director for Life Success Seminars for over 19 years. He also had the responsibility of Basic lead facilitator for more than 15 years. Mike’s passion is to be a resource for people who are serious about being professionals at living. He believes that each of us experiences defining moments in life and “it’s up to us to seize the opportunity in those moments or let them pass us by.”

Mike fulfilled his dream of moving with his “girlfriend” Nancy, to Florida and continues his work as a coach, author and speaker. Mike can be found at MikeMonahan.com or Think Monahan.

Steve Sherwood has been the face of Advanced IPI for many years. He also provided his unique skills with the Next Step, Results Now and Facilitator Training seminars. Steve was instrumental in supporting and assisting with Life Success restart back in 2015, and a lifeline to many grads.

“The only thing I ever remember wanting to do was to somehow make a difference in the world. When I walked into my first Basic and IPI I knew I had finally found out how. I have never felt so completely alive and at my best than when I’m in that room.“

“It’s been 43 years since I started and although I’ve led seminars for almost a dozen different organizations in 20 cities I love my time with Life Success the most. I will miss LSS tremendously and have the greatest admiration and respect for the staff, facilitators and volunteers who made this possible.
It’s been a wonderful, joyful and miraculous time and I’m not ready to stop. I intend to continue doing seminars here and would like to stay in touch with you to let you know what’s next. IPI is on for April and so is Next Step in May.

I would love to see you at the IPI celebration April 9th so we can express our gratitude for Life Success and share a vision for what lies ahead. I can’t express how much you all have meant to me.” To find out more about Steve’s ongoing seminars and workshops, www.ssherwood.com, sasherwood@bellsouth.net

Kathy Marx worked for 35 years in the public school system as a teacher, counselor and administrator. Many of us know and love Kathy from her many years as co-facilitator with Mike in Basic. Kathy currently works with educators, both teachers and administrators, across the country, providing professional development, consulting and coaching to help them build their skills to better meet the needs of their students. She also resides in Florida (apparently the place where facilitators go to rest!) with her husband Mitch.

Mary Riefski first went through Basic in 1992. She has been involved with LSS since that time and in recent years, became the Operations and Sales Manager, helping to organize the seminar details and keep LSS running. Mary also sat on the Board for the Agape Loan Fund, which was set up by LSS grads to provide loans for seminar attendance. Her involvement with LSS also brought to fruition her dream of working with adoption families and thus began Braided Hearts Adoption Triad. Mary is also developing new workshops, as well as coaching & training opportunities to continue the work of personal/professional leadership transformation beyond the scope of the adoption experience. BraidedHeartsAdoptionTriad@yahoo.com

Many grads will recognize Michelle Vondrell as the first face and voice we associate with Life Success. Michelle came to the organization in 2004 going through both Basic and IPI and ultimately came to work for the organization wearing many hats until 2013. Her commitment and dedication to the organization continued during the restart in 2015 and ultimately moved her into the role of Basic Facilitator. With the support of her husband, Randy, Michelle has also launched her own business, White Board Solutions where she uses her many talents in personal development workshops and retreats. She will be working with other Basic facilitators toward a renewed and invigorated seminar launch in May. Contact Michelle at michelle@whiteboardsolutionsllc.com.

Please join us…

IPI Celebration at the West Chester Hilton Garden Inn
April 9th 1:00pm


  1. Mary Fahnestock-Thomas says:

    My husband, Rob Thomas, and I now live in Montana (my home) and so won’t be at the celebration, but I think he and I agree that since January 1994, when we both first took Basic, our life together has been a celebration of Life Success. And I think our children, Molly and Robin Thomas, agree and are grateful for that continuing influence in their lives with their respective partners and pastimes. Thank you so much, all of you! May you all go well into your next adventures!

  2. Carolyn Moler says:

    How could we forget Nancy Monahan who was in the trenches from the beginning, wearing many hats until her health declined. Dan Rolfes and Ron Rosselot were the backbone of getting it off the ground in the early days….back when LSS had an incredible base of volunteers like Wayne Lurix (1000 Hands Projects) and Karen Lurix ( Agape Fundraising st Christmas). . Colleen Honold and the many office volunteers who helped put out newsletters each month, to name a few I worked with on fundraisers like Jammin in Miamiville and the Halloween Parties that funded Agape Loans . I wish many of you newcomers could have been around when egos weren’t as prevalent and Jim Quinn’s dream was infectious!! Basic and IPI gave me a new lease on life 22 years ago and I will be forever grateful! Farewell and thank you.

  3. “Closing one door opens another”. Grateful thanks to so many who have touched many lives. May God bless you all from here and all those who have participated in LSS. 💕


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