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Life Success Seminars empowers people to realize their greatness and live their greatest lives, lives rich with vitality, freedom, fulfillment and authentic relationships.



Life Success Seminars is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, established in August, 1985. The organization began as a dream and became a reality when a group of people who attended the Basic Seminar in Chicago, Illinois, wanted to bring the experience to Cincinnati.

Since 1985, the company has served under the leadership of three executive directors. Each director has shared his or her unique talents with the organization and brought it to new heights. Constantly improving the quality of the seminars we provide is a priority, and we apply it to everything we do.

People from the United States and abroad, consisting of 48 states and 11 countries, have attended and experienced benefits from the life-changing seminars offered.

Through our unique approach, people learn how to develop better relationships, enjoy increased confidence, and lead happier, more successful lives.

Life Success Seminars provides opportunities for development of more responsible, reliable, and healthier leadership by offering the very best seminars to assist individuals and businesses.


Steve Sherwood

Steve has spent more than 35 years helping individuals achieve their goals and dreams. With his help, people have learned to reveal their hidden talents and focus on making important, but challenging, choices in life. Steve designs and facilitates experiential personal- and professional-development seminars conducted nationally and internationally, and he has facilitated LSS’s Advanced Inter-Personal Intensive (IPI) seminar since the organization began in 1985. He is the author of Finding Freedom, the book the seminar is based on. Steve and his wife, Lisa, live in Macon, Georgia with their two dogs Sophie and Jack.

I love working with people. There’s nothing more challenging than getting people to open up and change, but when they give it a fair shot I’m consistently surprised by the untapped gifts and talents inside them. I’m also awed by the grace and dignity that most of us find when tackling the really difficult moments in life. The biggest myth I see people live with is the idea we should do the easy or fun parts of life together but the hard parts by ourselves. It is an absolute honor to work with people in LSS.

– Steve


Jen Beck

Jen has spent over 15 years helping folks to create lasting change mentally and physically. With her help, people are thriving again with more energy, and living life feeling 10 years younger.
She has created dynamic, supportive and transformational coaching programs and experiential workshops that empower individuals to take back their health and recharge their lives permanently. Jen facilitates the Basic Lessons for Successful Living Seminar for Life Success. Jen lives in West Chester, OH with her husband Andy and their two dogs, Bella and Hemi.

“I love seeing that special moment when you see the light bulb go on for someone about them self and their life, knowing that from this moment on, they will never be the same. Change is not easy, just necessary. Being able to support someone as they discover what has been silently holding them back and finally find freedom is a gift.There is greatness within each of us. We simply need to find the key!”

– Jen


Michelle Vondrell

Michelle Vondrell started a company that allows her to do what she loves. She is a speaker, facilitator and designs retreats and workshops on an individual basis for small groups, churches and companies in the art of communication. Michelle resides in Sharonville, Ohio with her husband Randy and together they lead a blended family workshop based on the real life experiences with James, Becky, Danny, Jena and Christopher.

“I love people. Watching people realize they have dreams and that they can achieve them totally lights me up. I believe we all have a vision of greatness within ourselves that can get buried. I want to be part of finding the greatness and bringing it into the light. I just really love people!”

– Michelle


Nancy Baxter

For the past 18 years, Nancy has developed and facilitated workshops and retreats for people from all walks of life. It is with her keen insight, easy approach and realistic guidance, that she is successful in supporting others on their journey to find and explore their greatness.

From her days as a young child, Nancy has had the desire to “help people feel better inside”. Today she does just that by sharing her heart and holding people up to their worthiness. Her facilitating techniques help people to see that they are enough. She assists in uncovering the self-limiting beliefs that have held them back from finding their strength.

“I feel blessed when I get to see how they light up and choose to become even better versions of who they are.”

– Nancy


Board of Trustees

Ed Tranter – President
Jerry Stenger – Vice President
Randy Vondrell – Treasurer
Kelly Wright – Secretary

Grant Jacoby – Member
Laurie Little – Member
Debbie Lupariello – Member
Mike Moloney – Member
Cory Osburne – Member
Bob Rosselot – Member
Dan Rolfes – Member
Nina Schultz – Member
Mindy Sheff – Member



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