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Are you giving fear a bad name?

fear-198933_1280I was recently talking to a man faced with a challenge. It was one of those powerful, rare, scary moments we all find ourselves in from time to time. He had a pretty good idea what he needed to do he just hadn’t done it yet.

I was curious why he was waiting instead of acting and he said the fear was holding him back. He was hoping to find a less risky solution that wouldn’t cause so much anxiety. In his heart he knew he had made the right choice but maybe there was another way.

He was giving fear a bad name. Fear is a natural reaction. It’s the body’s way to get us ready when we are faced with new or challenging situations. Fear gets your heart pumping, your respiration changes, and your adrenaline starts flowing. Fear is the alarm clock that wakes you up for change.

You’re supposed to feel fear. Quit trying to avoid it. It seems that no matter how brave or secure we are there is some act or situation that gets our attention. Anytime you challenge boundaries, stretch out of your comfort zone or reach for your dreams you’ll find fear.

Fear doesn’t hold you back. Fear can’t hold you back. Fear can’t do anything at all it’s a feeling. What you do in the face of fear is a choice. You either choose to prolong it with inaction and indecisiveness or to act with courage.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking courage is the feeling of fearlessness. Courageous is what we do while we’re afraid not a feeling that replaces fear. Without fear there is no courage.

Written by:  Steve Sherwood


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