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Commit to the changes you want in your life, and you’ll have the freedom to achieve your greatness!

    Life Success seminars are practical, results-oriented seminars empowering you to make real, lasting changes in your life. Our trained facilitators guide you through important real-life concepts like responsibility, having your voice, resolving conflict, and trusting yourself and others. You’ll see how your thoughts and feelings play out in your life, and you’ll learn tools for improving your results and all of your relationships – personal and professional.

According to the feedback that we’ve received from Basic and Advanced-IPI seminar graduates over the years, 9 out of 10 agree that they benefited greatly from taking Life Success classes and recommend the seminars to their family and friends.

  • 98% reported that the seminars were valuable and provided a new perspective that significantly contributed to their life in a positive way.
  • 98% inspired someone they knew (co-worker, spouse, family member, friend) to attend Life Success’s Basic seminar within a six-month period, which further improved their relationships.
  • 96% reported that the seminars provided the tools they needed to improve the important relationships in their lives.
  • 95% reported that the seminars exceeded their expectations.
Basic Lessons For Successful Living Seminar

Basic is our foundation seminar, which is a prerequisite for our seminars. During this seminar, you’ll learn the essentials for leading a powerful, fulfilling life.
Together we will explore ways to find balance in our lives so we can grow and discover our authentic, self-confident selves. It is this self knowledge and new way of seeing things that ushers in freedom, peace, self-worth and the ability not let our pasts limit our future.

Some of the positive changes our graduates report after the seminar include:

  • Open communication with family and co-workers
  • Ability to resolve conflicts without anger
  • Improved self-confidence, especially at work
  • Clarity about life goals and commitment to achieving them
  • Increased energy and personal productivity
  • Less stress and greater enjoyment both at work and at home
In addition to the three-day seminar, you will receive a one-on-one session within the first week following the training, as well as a half-day group follow up session about a month after the training. These bonus sessions are opportunities for you to review your progress since the seminar and create a plan for further growth. The investment for the three-day Basic seminar is $595. Payment options are available.
Advanced Inter-Personal(IPI) Seminar

Take your Basic seminar experience to the next level with Advanced-IPI. This is the second step in our life-changing process. In Advanced-IPI, our Inter-Personal Intensive seminar, you’ll get to the core of who you are, why you do what you do and how to make life long changes for living your greatness! These changes open the door for a life filled with vitality, freedom, fulfillment, and authentic relationships.
Our IPI graduates report that this seminar is the best investment they’ve ever made! And what could be better than investing in yourself and your future? Based on what our grads say, you can expect these results in your life after IPI:

  • Confidence in yourself and your decisions
  • Improved communication skills and healthier relationships
  • Believing you can achieve what you want
  • Celebration of your unique strengths
  • Ability to be a better resource in your important relationships
  • Commitment to building a strong circle of influence around you
  • Taking definitive action toward accomplishing your dreams
Advanced-IPI classes have a maximum of 26 participants. The IPI seminar is a five-day residential seminar. In addition to the five-day seminar, you will receive a half-day group follow up session about a month after the training. This session is an opportunity for you to assess your progress since the seminar and further develop your plan for continued growth. The investment for the five-day seminar is $1395 which includes lodging and two meals per day. Payment options are available.
Next Step Seminar

In Basic Lessons for Successful Living and Advanced-IPI seminars, you’ll identify and own your greatness. In Next Step, you’ll have the opportunity to relax and embrace your spiritual strength. As you begin to realize the potential and greatness in your life, you must find and maintain balance in all areas of our lives, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Living is the act of balancing. It requires tools to find and maintain balance in the four areas of life. LSS teaches the tools through experiential exercises that unlock and expand our self-awareness, self-confidence, self-worth and improve our communication skills. The five-day Next Step seminar provides a peaceful, nurturing environment for contemplating your spirit.

Summer landscape with green grass, road and sunset clouds

So what are the benefits of Next Step?

  • Ability to release feelings of stress whenever you need to
  • Profound sense of relaxation
  • Experiencing love at a deeper level
  • Living life with joy!
Next Step classes have a maximum of 15 participants. Next Step, which is only for Advanced-IPI graduates, is a five-day residential seminar, held at Loretto Motherhouse in Nerinx KY (about 60 miles outside Louisville). The investment is $1095 which includes lodging and two meals per day.


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