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superhero-450419_1280I have found there are three kinds of people. Over 90% of us fall in the first group. The first group is people who don’t recognize they have a superpower. The second group, about 9%, has a superpower and uses their power for purely personal goals. The third group, the 1% remaining, is the one that interests me. These are the people who know they have a superpower and have committed to a super-purpose. These are the world changers.

I know I lost a lot of you (about 90%) when I started talking about superpowers. When I tell people they have a superpower they usually deny it. They will admit to having natural gifts, but can’t accept the idea of power.

Let’s get into it a little bit. Each of us has God given gifts and talents. For the most part, we recognize some, if not all of them. We enjoy using those gifts within reasonable limits and may even feel honored to have received them. A superpower is the natural result of aligning and using all your gifts.

We were also raised with a strong value of modesty. We fear claiming our power. What if I’m seen as egotistical? The thing to remember is, these were gifts. You didn’t do anything to earn them. You aren’t special or unique, because you were given a gift, that honor goes to the gift giver not the receiver. To not acknowledge your gifts for fear of seeming boastful is really false modesty. Accepting the idea of power while saddled with the burden of false modesty just won’t work.

Those who have a grasp of their superpower must ultimately decide about their purpose. Life has natural stages. When you’re young you want to know if you’re accepted. After that it’s “how good am I”? These are questions about self-worth and until you resolve the questions about your own worth you will use your superpower for purely personal purpose. This will satisfy you for a while, but in time you may feel unfulfilled and want more.

That’s when it’s time to become one of the 1%. The one out of ten people that recognize they have a superpower and have committed to a super purpose.

These are the world changers!

(Thanks to Seth Godin for pushing me to think about superpower)

Written by:  Steve Sherwood


  1. Nancy Baxter says:

    I am a Beacon!! Thanks Steve and Life Success for the guidance and inspiration. My life will never be the same!


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