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Our graduates make incredible changes in their lives after participating in the Life Success seminars. Read on for what some of our graduates have to say about how their lives have changed through the actions they’ve taken.

larry-schuler“Before basic, I felt like I was running in place and going nowhere. Everything felt monumental and overwhelming. I could not get out of the past and stayed in a wounded state of mind. I could not focus on anything.

I needed to find the true me. I felt that I was living and doing for others and didn’t know how to be happy with myself. I felt that I lack worth. My self-esteem was lacking for so long and that I lost my voice and needed to learn to get it back.

That I and only I can control my happiness and the roll I have played all my life in not living life as I want.

Since Basic, I have realized that I am loved and have so much love to share with others. I will be true to myself first and as long as I can do that, I will be true to others. I control my happiness and happiness is infectious. I am recommending others to attend!”

– Larry Schuler | Project Manager, TQ Constuctors

randy-vondrell“Everyone’s experience is so different, because you get to choose what to work on; you get to choose what is important to you. The only real question you need to answer is whether you’re worth it. And of course you are! Everyone is worth it, that is why the organization exists to foster individual greatness. And who doesn’t want that? For themselves and everyone they love. Go for it, I can promise you won’t regret it and will have great time along the way.”

Randy Vondrell | Leader, Advanced Products — GE Aviation

jen-beck“After experiencing the programs Life Success Seminars offers, my marriage is richer and deeper. I am now fully present with my husband, family and friends. I have been able to let go of the trust issues I had been carrying around which has allowed me to have closer friends and the ability to ask for help, while empowering others to be their best selves.

My life is so much fuller and more wonderful thanks to LSS!”

– Jen Beck | Advanced Wellness Coaching, LLC

Kip-Backscheider“After participating in Life Success Seminars programs both my personal and business relationships have deepened. I have a far larger group of close friends. After a significant business loss I was able to recover quickly and move on instead of lingering in regret. I have a general feeling of calm and peace as I go through my day.

Life Success Seminars changed my business and my life in ways which I will gladly share. You are welcome to contact me.”

– Kip Backscheider | President, Tulane Solutions–Business Consulting | kip@tulanesolutions.com | 513-520-6341

Rachael-Blackburn“For me life before Basic was perfectly fine.

Outside of my home, however, I was closed off and I was holding back from other important relationships in my life.

By holding back a part of myself in one relationship, I am holding back from the relationship within myself. And it had a ripple effect on all of my relationships. Even the ones I thought were perfect.

Since Basic, the walls are truly gone and not only that but I have created a foundation for my relationships based on trust and love. I feel a freedom inside of me I forgot I had ever felt. I was oozing happiness and I was totally present within myself. The idea of breaking down the walls in my remaining relationships didn’t feel so scary anymore. It felt necessary.”

– Rachael Blackburn

Michelle-Herling“Before I came to Basic I felt that I was “stuck”. I realized that no matter what I did or accomplished in my life I never felt that it was good enough. Before, no matter what I put out there, I would always see at least one flaw. I have begun to allow myself to feel the pride and feeling of accomplishment. I have also recommitted to my music and made time to practice so I can improve and move forward with using music to not only nurture my own soul and spirit but to hopefully reach out to others through sharing music with them.”

– Michelle Herling

Allie-Novess“I’ve changed a lot these past few years and even though I had enough pride in myself for my accomplishments of making myself a better me, winning an award at graduation acknowledging that change was so amazing. I’d like to thank my mommy Nancy Brown and dad Edward Novess for teaching me how to be a better person every day and pushing me to go through Life Success. I’d also like to thank all of the mentors and friends I made through Basic and Advancedf-IPI. Thank you Steve Sherwood and Ty Camacho. Thank you Kathy for driving and hosting me. I’m ready for this next chapter in my life and I owe a lot of that to this amazing program.

I love every single one of you to the moon and back. Thank you.”

– Allie Novess

Michael-Moloney“Ten years ago, my wife Carley and I attended the Basic seminar, because we were facing the challenges of raising three teenagers. That weekend set me on a path that has enriched my life and empowered me to exert a positive and lasting influence on my law firm. It also gave me the confidence to start a financial planning division within the firm and the tools to make it successful.

With my encouragement and support, over twenty-five of the lawyers and staff of Sebaly Shillito +Dyer have participated in Life Success Programs. Life Success has helped our partners and employees communicate better, accept responsibility, and ask for help when they need it. Sebaly Shillito + Dyer was been awarded “Best Places to Work” from the Dayton Business Journal four time in recent years, an accomplishment that is directly attributable, in my view, to our participation in Life Success.

I became a better lawyer, a better employer, a better father, a better husband, and a better friend.

My wife and I were better able to cope with the challenges of our children transitioning from teenagers into young adulthood. With our encouragement, all of our children attended Life Success and benefited from the program. I am still involved with Life Success because it continues to help me improve how I think, feel and act in every relationship in my life.”

– Michael Moloney, Managing Partner, Sebaly Shillito + Dyer

Tiffani-Jones“This whole experience has opened a lot inside me. I find myself thinking more positively and saying nice things to myself. I’ve apologized a lot to my husband which is hard for me. It feels like a ton of bricks and light as a feather at the same time. I feel empowered to be the change I’ve always wanted.”

– Tiffani Jones

Jan-Kiener“I first came to Basic twenty four years ago and I try to attend a seminar every year or so. The ways that it has changed my life are almost too many to list but my family life is richer, my professional life is more successful and my inner life is more satisfying.”

– Jan Kiener

Dael-Waxman“Since experiencing the programs Life Success offers, I’ve taken significant steps in creating a center for physician wellness both inside and outside of my organization’s healthcare system. What’s different from all the other times I have had cool ideas that were initially rejected or put on hold is that I’m staying in there this time. I’m not going back to the same old thing. Though it hasn’t been easy, I’m working it through and finding ways to keep pushing. We’re early in the planning – but it is happening!

Though I’m geographically distant, I’m still connected to folks from my Basic and IPI, as well as my champion. This isn’t just superficial either. We’re still doing the work with each other. I’ve been told this is a way to keep the growth going, and I can’t emphasize enough how right that is. Touching base with my “circle” is incredibly reinforcing and helpful. This would be my main suggestion for future LSS grads – to stay connected.

I have more confidence & express my convictions without hesitation or self-analysis. When I put the intentions out there…man, it really works! Great stuff.”

– Dael Waxman, M.D. | Vice Chair, Dept. of Family Medicine | Medical Director, Patient-Centered Programming, CMC-Mercy | Medical Director, CHS Integrative Health | Carolinas HealthCare System, Charlotte, NC

Kristin-Tatman“My life changed in a dramatic way when I attended my first Life Success seminar. Not only did I start living again but since then, I have reinvented myself, living in alignment with my soul’s purpose and I’ve never been happier.

Thank you Life Success Seminars, Inc. This Basic Seminar is a must for anyone tired of living a life of chaos, lack, fear, emptiness, loneliness, hopelessness and more. Message me if you are interested but not sure it’s for you. I would love to share my experience and answer any questions you might have.”

– Kristin Tatman | Owner, Kristin Tatman Coaching

Kathy-Gaither“Life Success literally changed my life. I have furthered my career twice, by continuing my education. I have more friends, joy and laughter in my life. I am happily married. I owe my success to the continued support of the circle of friends that I have made through Life Success Seminars. I would recommend to anyone!”

– Kathy Gaither

Jeffrey-Febles“Attending Basic – just Basic – was one of the single best decisions I’ve ever made to impact my personal happiness. I have met with personal counselors, therapists, taken anti-depressants and all the standard forms of improvement, but nothing had ever helped me as much as being shown that I am the only thing in my life that holds me back. Go. Attend. Be happier.”

– Jeffrey Febles | Project Management Training & Support Analyst, Dallas, Texas

“Life Success had a very positive impact on my personal life. The improvements in my life made me a much better employee and leader. I would recommend it for others who wish to improve both their personal and professional lives!”

– Geoffery

“When I came to Basic my life was based off of past successes & relying on past accomplishments, but I was a poor listener and I was defensive because I had learned from a young age not to trust, and this kept me from really growing emotionally. This behavior created conflict and distance in my marriage.

I wanted to learn to trust my wife and others more, and I also wanted to learn what it meant to take responsibility for my emotions and share what I’m really feeling. I needed a change! The thing I learned is that I’m responsible for my own behavior and I shouldn’t blame others. In learning to trust my wife, I have learned that I must tell her “I love you and I accept you” and I must act on these words. I’m committed to going deeper to have a more successful and loving marriage and a better me!”

– Brad

“My husband attended Basic first after I’d been begging him to open up to me for years. It was just so hard for him to do (fear) and he really needed to be pushed off the ledge. It was so amazing when he came home and committed to opening up & expressing his feelings with me and both our daughters – I had been waiting for years to hear this!

I felt compelled to support this new way of communicating by going to Basic myself – to support him, our relationship, and our family. While at Basic, I realized that I was holding my husband responsible for my happiness. I shared this realization with him that I was on a mission to take responsibility myself – which was such a relief to him!

Now we practice the same communication skills we learned and we help each other grow through practice.”

– Kelly

“Before Basic I was always angry – angry at my supervisor and my ex-husband for things that were beyond my control. I wanted to change my attitude towards people to have a more successful life. I knew I needed to let go of resentment and control from my past in order to make changes in my current situation.

Since Basic I’m beginning to voice my thoughts in a more constructive manner so that I can allow people to understand me better without resentment & control. I’m starting to compliment people more at home and at work to take away the barrier that keeps me from getting closer to people.”

– Alison

“I’m responsible for my own happiness. If I’m not enjoying life, I reflect on what I can do to change it…one is admitting that I am in charge of that….no one else is responsible for my thoughts, feelings and actions. The course I’ve been on since my initial LSS Basic workshop has been one of continued self-discovery, more letting go, more “trying on” new things, and less “shoulding” on myself. I’m grateful for internal shifts, sometimes a one degree nudge of the internal needle to a 180 swing (eg, leaving my role as a conventional public school teacher to now being an advocate for the Unschooling movement.)

Yup, shift happens! Thanks LSS!

– Sara Sabourin

“Thanks to Life Success Seminars, I am a better wife, mother, sister and friend which allows me the freedom to spend more time with the people I love and less afraid when I want to meet new friends. I am part of a blended family, and as a result of all of us attending Life Success Seminars, we are committed to each other to trust one another, forgive and get back to doing life together. Our relationships are built on truth and honesty and we don’t tip toe around each other or uncomfortable conversations.

Life Success Seminars offers tools for living a simple life. Tools must be sharpened and practiced to keep a balance. People sometime say they “fall out of love” or “we just grew apart” which is code for “we stopped communicating”.

I believe Dull Tools = Dull Life.”

– Michelle Vondrell | Owner of White Board Solutions

“I didn’t know how to release the years of pent-up pain, suffering and aggression in a healthy manner. I would get angry over little things without knowing the real root cause of my aggression.

I am now more calm, relaxed & feel so much more positive about myself and my future. I will no longer be a prisoner of my past thanks to Basic!

– Melinda Kirk

“It’s safe to say that prior to LSS I felt numbed to the things that bothered me from ‘my past’. I thought I had moved past them but my heart reflected a broken man that wouldn’t allow himself or anyone to get too close. I’d have to say my ability to show Grace is the greatest change since experiencing Basic. Also listening to others with my heart and not just my ears.
I’m very grateful for the time I spent with everyone at Basic. LSS Totally Rocks!!!”

– John Baxter

“Frankly, the reason I keep coming back to Life Success Seminars is that I’m addicted to the high. I always leave feeling lighter and happier than when I arrived.”

“I would definitely fall into the I didn’t think I needed this training category. Just like so many others, I went because my soon to be wife was very involved in the organization and really wanted me to attend. I didn’t know why, I didn’t think I would get much out of it and truthfully, mainly went because she wanted me to go.

In many ways, it has changed my life. I think the Basic Seminar is appropriate for anybody who wants to improve their outlook on life. It has improved my relationships, both family and work, improved my job, and has helped me get a little more “juice” out of life.”

“Life Success gave me the tools to make necessary changes and tough decisions in my life. I feel that the program allowed me to find my voice . I realized that things happen in life, but it is up to me to decide if I will let what has happened define who I am. The amount of love and kindness that I received from everyone that I crossed paths with on this journey has forever changed my life , and inspired me to do all that I can to make a difference in my community. My experience at Life Success was truly a blessing, and choice a for freedom.”

– Je’Miah L. Cannon, Supervisor|Education-At-Work

“My life before basic was a work in progress. I had a desire to change my life. I knew that I wanted to be happy. I was frustrated at work, I wanted to like everyone and not have negative feelings about others. I wanted to have a relationship with my sons so that when they were older and began their families they would want me around.

A dear friend of mine suggested I attend Basic because she felt that I needed what Basic had to offer. The tools to find true happiness and accept others. When you come with an open heart and mind your aha moments are ready for the taking. However, the way that I often treat people especially those that I love the most hasn’t always been the best. Over the weekend my eyes were opened to the fact that I needed to change this about myself and to lift people up instead of tearing them down. To listen and to always be kind.

For 6 years I didn’t give my youngest son what he needed, because his brother played baseball and we were always coming and going to his games. Since he stayed home by himself a lot and is a responsible kid, I suppose in time that lead to talking only when necessary, or asking about grades or what he was up to. What I didn’t realize was that perhaps he thought I didn’t care. It was time to communicate with my son.

My son and I went to dinner and had a great time. I decided to open up and tell him that I felt that I didn’t give him the attention that he deserved to have, and especially from his Mom. I apologized to him and told him how much I loved him and will always be here for him. He graciously looked me in the eyes several times and told me “we were good”. Spoken like a teenager.
I also asked for boundaries about when I get home that he doesn’t ask me questions, or ask me for gas money till I have had at least 15 minutes to get settled. And to respect one another. My eyes have been opened to treat others with respect and love. Basic helped me see how I am in control of myself and how I want to live and treat others.”

– Julie

“Life Success has made a huge impact in my life. And still does, every day of my life.

I first went through Basic in 2006, and the advanced program the very next month.

I have renewed basic, not because it doesn’t work – but because it does! It gives me strength, courage, and confidence.

When I get to the end of a weekend, I am ready to face the world head on. I know I have the tools and support to deal with what life may throw at me.”

– Susan Healy


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