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Alumni often tell us they want to volunteer or give back to the organization because they’ve greatly benefited from our seminars and want others to have the same experience.

Because Life Success is a non-profit organization, we look for opportunities to utilize volunteers’ strengths in the best possible ways. There are three areas of opportunities that support the Life Success organization; Inspiring others to attend Basic, Involving yourself as a volunteer, and Investing in the future of Life Success.


Inspiring others and affecting more lives is what makes our mission work. The change that people see in our graduates’ lives often speaks for itself. It inspires someone to attend Basic or Advanced – IPI the next month. There are graduates who become involved with the organization, inspiring their small groups to do the same. Some graduates have influenced donations from their friends and families, while others have motivated companies to send their employees to Basic and Advanced – IPI. There have been alumni who have persuaded people who have never attended our seminars to donate (brochures and services), and others have inspired corporations to make matching contributions. Our graduates have helped lead Life Success Seminars to the place it is today. Inspiration is the ability to move someone to action making a bigger difference with our organization, but also in his or her world. You may not realize how valuable your enthusiasm can be to Life Success Seminars by serving as an inspiration to others.


Volunteerism is the backbone of any non-profit organization – without volunteer involvement, our organization cannot exist. We realize time is a precious commodity in this fast-paced world. Our goal is to value your time and create opportunities that benefit you as well as the organization. We hope that volunteering for Life Success Seminars will positively impact your life in ways that bring you back on a regular basis. Some examples of Involvement are group leading, or serving on a committee. We also have opportunities to serve meals, help fund-raise, and/or help out at our annual picnic or year-end Silent Auction. All these avenues of involvement are needed to make Life Success grow and prosper.


Investing in the Life Success organization speaks volumes. It says that you believe in our organization and are committed to supporting its success. Many graduates donate on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis as their way to support our growth. Like any good investment, we want to show a positive return, and what better return on investment is there than changing lives? How can you give back? We hope you will consider at least one of these options or come in and discuss the many ways of making a difference at Life Success Seminars. “Our lives work in direct proportion to the commitments we make and keep.” We appreciate everyone’s participation in the past and look forward to your inspiration, involvement, and investment in the future.



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